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JFit Training | Instructor Pro
JFitTraining: Juan Estrada, Senior Pilates Teacher and NYC Pilates Teacher's Trainer
Juan Estrada, Pilates Teacher, NYC Pilates Teacher Trainer, Pilates, Chelsea, Upper West Side, Tribeca, JFIT, JFitTraining,
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Instructor Pro

Juan Estrada JFitTraining Juan Estrada JFitTraining Juan Estrada JFitTraining
Instructor Pro
About This Project

Classes are offered weekly at Real Pilates NYC.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to others any/all class or session reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the start of class.  Please note there are no exceptions, and no refunds or returns for missed classes/sessions.  Please make use of your time and investment in your health.