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JFit Training | Juan Estrada, NYC Pilates Teacher Trainer
JFitTraining: Juan Estrada, Senior Pilates Teacher and NYC Pilates Teacher's Trainer
Juan Estrada, Pilates Teacher, NYC Pilates Teacher Trainer, Pilates, Chelsea, Upper West Side, Tribeca, JFIT, JFitTraining,
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Profile of Juan Estrada

Juan Estrada

Juan has over 16 years of fitness teaching experience having built an extensive client base in Chicago and New York City.  Formally a professional dancer in Chicago, Juan was introduced to Pilates while completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance with concentrations in Choreography and Performance at Columbia College Chicago.

Juan Estrada Profile

Juan has studied with Master Instructors Romana Kryzanowska, Bob Leikens, Susan Moran, and Alycea Ungaro. Juan joined the Power Pilates team under Liv Berger and Linda Spriggs in Chicago and then joined the NYC team and became a Teacher Trainer where he began to mentor instructors and certify apprentices from all over the world.

Juan will be presenting at the 2015 15th Annual Pilates Method Alliance in Denver, CO and the next Real Pilates Teacher Training Seminars at True Pilates in Mexico City in 2015 and 2016. Juan is excited to be part of the Real Pilates NYC Team.

Aside from training celebrity clients such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Hugh Grant, Mellody Hobson, Alexandra Neil, Regina Spector, Sofia Vergara, Juan continues to teach a wide range of client levels including children, pre and post natal, and senior citizens.

Juan has been featured on ABC and WPIX morning and workout segments, LA Confidential Magazine, and several Pilates DVD’s and workout downloads on


NYC Pilates Teacher Trainer

Since then Juan has taught numerous Teacher Trainer programs and Continuing Education workshops across the U.S. and in 2014, Juan left Power Pilates.  Juan is currently a Senior Instructor and Teacher Trainer at Real Pilates NYC.

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